Roof garden

Ferragamo headquarters, Florence

Execution of roof garden in Tuscany Roof garden project for Ferragamo headquarters Florence roof garden

Beta progetti

Botanical consultation and execution

Primanatura Giardini s.r.l.


Ferragamo S.P.A.

General contractor

Carron S.P.A.


Osmannoro, Florence

Terraces & Roof Gardens
About This Project

The green oasis we created inside this central office building offers a wide range of colours and fragrances in every season. The plants we used are herbaceous evergreen shrubs, among which stand out the brightly coloured flowers of plumbago and verbena, snow-white roses and the silvery foliage of teucrium and artemisia. Wood basins designed for holding plants define the clean, geometric design and delineate a pathway that pleases the eye and regenerates the mind.